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Welcome to my blog about healthy eating and food choices that are more sustainable for our world. I think I have always been concerned with eating healthy for my body, but it was not until I was pregnant that I really started to take a look at what I was eating as it was directly helping this tiny person grow inside of me.

I hope that this blog can help to share our story of how we changed the way we look at and buy food, our continual learning process about food, and the eye opening experience of learning how to eat more sustainability for our planet. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Homemade Baby Cereal

It has been almost two years since my last post...boy how time goes quickly. My parents always said that but now it is happening to me. My daughter will turn 4 in August, and before I know it she will be a teenager. She is already exhibiting some behaviors of a teenager - changing clothes about 10 times a day. I also had a baby boy last December. He is now 6 months old and I have begun to give him solid food. His first food was avocado and not much went down. We traveled to the East Coast in the first few weeks that Milo was trying solids so I bought some Earth's Best Brown Rice Cereal. Milo didn't take to the cereal much but I figured he was just figuring out this solid food thing.

After we returned from our trip I decided to make my own baby cereal as I had done with Ella. I put some ground rice in the blender for about 2 minutes - as described in Super Baby Food (a great book on introducing solids to babies). Then boil 1 cup of water and mix in 1/4 cup of the ground rice and cook for 10 minutes. While it was cooking I could smell the aroma of rice and thought to myself...this is real food! The rice cereal that you get in a box and mix with water does not have an aroma of food. Needless to say, Milo started to devour the rice cereal. I guess he likes real food too!!!


DRC said...

I'll look forward to reading more! Willow's first food was avocado, too and we plan the same for Anderson. One of the things I'm extremely proud of as a mom is that I never bought nor fed Willow any baby food from a jar. I hope I'm able to say the same this time around.

Can't wait to see your next posts.

Kate said...

Thanks Dagny! I also did not feed Ella any food from a jar. But I have to say that I did just give Milo some prunes from a jar - 4 days with no poop and not enough plums or time on hand made me buy a jar of prunes. I am hoping they work and we see some action today! I have been wanting to restart this blog for a while. Your blog helped inspire me!